*To enhance the safety of all we are working remotely at this time*

Sometimes gentle assistance from others is helpful on our path towards increased self compassion, creative exploration and mindful living.  At Gentle Truth we take a holistic, “whole person” approach to exploring your process of personal growth and wellness.  In our meetings we provide guidance and support to help you plan and activate ongoing creative engagement and connectedness to what is important to you.  We listen, plan, encourage art making, and are uniqely trained to help guide you through a spectrum of materials, images and tools that may be helpful along your journey.  Together we will work on using your innate strengths and core values to build on your expressive skills and along the way aim to reduce the impact of stress and fear on the body and mind.  We will start by building on the professional partnership through a foundation of calm, trust, and non-judgmental acceptance of what is important to you.